Metamorphosis is Paula’s favourite word and she is keen to develop services that not only empower carers and their families but also have the ability to transform people’s lives. Responsible for strategic direction Paula’s aim is to build a resilient organisation run by carers for carers.

    Paula’s first experience of caring was as a child, providing emotional support to her mother who was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Much later she became her mother’s main carer for six years after she was diagnosed with dementia, had lost her sight and had increasing mobility issues.

    Prior to being a full time carer Paula had worked in the Voluntary Sector as both a practitioner and manager; her last position was as a Senior Service Manager in a national charity delivering services for young people at risk of offending.

    Paula’s transition from Service Manager to Service User raised her awareness of the inequalities faced by carers and had a profound effect on her attitude and approach to community services leading her to adopt an Asset Based Community Development Approach.

    Paula is a trustee for Carers UK giving her a national perspective on the evolving caring environment.

    Bobbie Allen