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Carers4Carers offer a range of services and one to one support to reduce loneliness and isolation and improve the
emotional, physical and financial wellbeing of carers.

“Living on my own, not understanding the environment, feeling very isolated to the point where I would walk out of my house and go to the streets to cry because I didn’t want to cry inside, I don’t want my house to hold all my grief and then finding that I walk into a place where people are not lecturing me, people are actually touching me. I didn’t realise, how much I needed to be touched. It’s had this very uplifting effect on my mood, my perception of myself, my perception of the street where I live, my perception of the world. I’m now beginning to remember things in life that used to interest me other than my son’s situation. It’s making me reengage with me. I can now say ‘no I can’t see you on Friday because I have an appointment with myself and those who support me.’ For me Carers4Carers is my support system, it’s a refuge if you like, it’s a place of relief and a place that honours me and my values and my concerns. It allows me to step aside from my anxieties and step inside my aspirations and my vision of myself.”


L – Parent Carer for over 30 years speaking about Inspirational Us.

Inspirational Us

A weekly social therapy space which provides free access to a range of holistic and beauty therapies, gym & fitness classes such as yoga, pilates and dance, workshops on stress relief & nutrition, meditation sessions and a sit down group lunch.

It feels as if I’ve another chance at life… All the new friends I’ve made I just feel blessed

R, who cares for several members of her family.

Inspirational Together

A family-centred activities programme for carers, the person they care for and their wider family.

We all sat together as a big happy family, we laughed and talked to whoever sat next to us… a lot of us don’t have family… I felt like I had a one

S, who cares for her daughter.

Inspirational Champions

A bespoke personal development programme for carers consisting of a 5 Step Support System combining group work and one-to-one coaching. The programme is modelled on the evidenced based 5 Ways to Wellbeing framework.

My day started out so stressed, in tears with my situation, now being here has made such a difference. Feel like I can be helped, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel as though I can now organise my life better, deal with my caring and achieve my goals

A, who cares for her husband with dementia.